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Hair Care Treatment Set for Healthy Hair, Scalp and Hair Follicles


Hair Care Products without silk pillowcase.

The set includes:

* Nature's Treatment Shampoo

* Hair and Root Stimulator

* Rejuvenating Hair Oil

* Ultra Light Conditioning Spray (You can choose to add Moisture and Strength regular conditioner instead of oil or leave-in. It depends on your hair type and needs. We recommend our regular conditioner to those with long, thick, and curly hair. After you place and order you can send an note via email with the information).

* Silky Touch Dry Shampoo

For each of Hair Dance products we have a page with more information about each one. Depending your hair needs you can choose them separately, or buy as a kit. For example, if you have short hair and your goal is to stop or prevent hair loss then Nature's Treatment Shampoo and Hair and Root Stimulator may be all you need.

This kit is for people who want to support healthy hair growth AND to improve the condition of the hair itself. If your hair is dry and visibly damaged and you can see split ends the first step would be to have a haircut. The condition of the hair that is not visibly damaged can be improved by using our products. The Natures' Treatment Shampoo is very gentle and our Hair Oil provides deep conditioning to improve the hair's structure.

For oily hair our Nature's Treatment Shampoo has been very helpful to add volume and add one more day of clean hair. Oily hair that is fine and thin can get oily fast from silicones and heavy conditioners. We recommend Ultra-Light Conditioning Spray for hair like this. Very small amount of hair oil also can be used. To extend the time between shampooing Silky Touch Dry Shampoo is great product..

Here is an answer from our FAQ page to how the kit works:

Our products designed specifically to improve your hair's health by stimulating healthy hair growth, energizing hair follicles and by nourishing the hair and scalp. The Nature's Treatment Shampoo and Hair and Root Stimulator keep hair follicles and scalp  healthy and active to produce healthy hair. Other products help to keep hair strands healthy. The longer is the hair the more times it gets exposed to shampoo, heat, sun damage, styling tools, brushing and so on. Some people need to take better care of their hair than the others, use more gentle products because their hair can tolerate less and needs more help to stay healthy. Our products do not use harsh ingredients and we use many beneficial natural ingredients to heal hair and scalp.

If you have any questions or need help to determine what product would fit best for your hair type please visit "Contact us" page